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Precision Approach LLC is your source for aircraft management, professional pilot services, and advanced flight training.

At New Mexico Sport Aviation safety is the top priority. Every decision is made by first asking "Is it safe?" We've taken many steps beyond the minimum requirements to provide the safest aircraft fleet possible. You can fly with confidence knowing that our aircraft feature the following systems:


Recovery System - A Full Aircraft Parachute

Our Remos airplane IS the only rental and training aircraft in New Mexico to feature A full-aircraft parachute.


There can be no higher priority in aviation than safety. Towards our goal of safety we have installed a ballistic parachute recovery system in N831RC. In an emergency you simply pull the red overhead handle and a rocket will deploy carrying a nearly 1400 square foot parachute. The parachute will control the aircraft's descent rate and provides an option when a safe landing might have otherwise been in doubt.

Airframe parachutes have revolutionized small aircraft flying. This groundbreaking new technology has answered the "what if" questions. Now, pilots can fly with their minds at ease knowing that they have a "plan B." Like insurance, I hope to never use it, but I rest easier knowing it is there.



Datalink Weather

All of our aircraft feature both text and graphic weather information delivered in-flight to the cockpit. In New Mexico the weather can change quickly and if you need to see the radar picture or review the new forecast there's no substitute for datalink. Imagine trying to describe a complex radar image to someone over the telephone, that's all that has been traditionally available. One picture is worth far more than 1000 words.




New Airplanes

Modern construction doesn't just make airplanes faster and lighter, it makes them safer. With occupant protection a top design goal the Remos passenger compartment is built of Kevlar and carbon fiber. The Tecnam Sierra features a steel "cabin survival cell" to protect the occupants. We have reliable modern instrumentation, wide comfortable cabins to reduce fatigue, and a host of features only available on new aircraft designs. Our airplanes aren't just a new design — where a typical trainer was built in the 1970s, our oldest airplane was assembled in 2006.

Terrain Awareness


The mountains of New Mexico are an integral part of what makes flying in our state so gorgeous - there is no beauty that compares to the golden glow of sunset illuminating the Sangre de Cristo range. When operating at night, or in low visibility, it is reassuring to know that the electronics serve the role of an additional crew member watching out, ready with the spoken alert "caution, terrain." All of our aircraft feature ground proximity warning.

Hangaring 365 days per year

You never need to worry about frost or snow on the airplanes, each is kept in a hangar. There is no sun or heat damage, no risk from hail or thunderstorms, and protection from our spring winds. It's also easier to do a thorough preflight inspection when you're not in the hot sun or cold morning winds.

Top Maintenance

We do an "annual inspection" as frequently as every six weeks. While saving a complete review of the engine and airframe for once a year would satisfy the regulatory requirements it doesn't meet my standard. Every 100 flight hours the airplanes are opened up and thoroughly inspected by FAA-licensed mechanics. With an extensive parts inventory we don't have to defer repairs while awaiting replacement parts. Maintenance isn't just reacting to failures - we're continually upgrading the airplanes to the latest technical standards so they're the best machines they can be.

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