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Tent Rocks

Just beyond our southwest practice area lies this beautiful national monument. The trip is very short and the terrain is easy to cross. You can complete the round trip in just 30 minutes! On days with strong winds aloft you should be careful operating here on the lee side of the Jemez.

Cerro Pelon Ranch

Visit the wild west! A regular sight to those using our southeast practice area, the Cerro Pelon Ranch (formerly the Cook Movie Ranch) is a fascinating recreation of an old-west town used for film production. There have been quite a few westerns produced here, and strangely, also the movie Thor. It is about a 15 mile flight to the Galisteo basin. Remember not to circle overhead too much when they're filming - the parking lot full of semis is a good clue that the set is in use. 


Made famous by Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings and home to Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu has some of the most amazing rock formations in the southwest. Even the flight up the Rio Chama is stunning with white rock canyons that look taken from an alien world. Abiquiu reservoir is a 45 mile flight from Santa Fe. There aren't any airports in the immediate area so plan on a round trip from SAF. 

More coming soon!

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